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Jenni Earl Bandana


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Jenni Earl Bandana



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      carry, wear or tuck this super soft hand-dyed and triple washed bandana to keep your courage close. the world better look out, cause here you come, you badass, you!

      Be Brave - we ALL need a reminder to BE BRAVE! 

      Blaze A Trail - If the trail is unseen, it may seem impossible, but it the fire lives inside you, only you can blaze that trail!

      Explore More - hand drawn desert design words “explore more” on one corner to be used as a talisman to encourage adventure.

      feel the fear - DO IT ANYWAY! living fearlessly is not a matter of not feeling afraid. Oh no, we all have fear, the difference is not letting that fear keep you from doing what you need to do! The world better look out, cause here you come, you badass, you!

      Giddy Up - please use this talisman of ACTION to spark action for living a fuller life, for making the first step toward a more authentic you or giving someone you love this encouragement.

      Good Luck - as a reminder that luck comes from inside you!  “luck is BELIEVING you’re lucky” -tennessee williams

      Hell Yeah - MOXIE as a reminder that you have so much magic all around you!

      can we get a “hell yeah!”

      Keep on Truckin - remember that we have doubt and get tired, don’t quit! remember to rest, to reset, to square your shoulders and fill the gas tank, and then get on with the getting on.

      Love Wild - the moments that we feel wild and unrestrained are the defining moments of life. this is how we know what is real and good and right. love is the wildness at its core. break open that wild heart of yours and pursue its desires. LOVE WILD.

      Roam Free - we can get so caught up in the daily grind that we forget to let our minds wander! now, there are many ways to do this in our daily life through meditation, visioning and the like. but truly the BEST way to let our minds roam free is to get those feet out in whatever nature is available/favorite to you.

      Wild Hearts Club - “To know you can navigate the wilderness on your own—to know that you can stay true to your beliefs, trust yourself, and survive it—that is true belonging.” – Brene Brown

      Chin up Buttercup - hand drawn floral design, with a seeded border and center hand with an offering of a buttercup. words “chin up buttercup” on one corner

      handmade in winston-salem, north carolina

      hand-dyed, screenprinted, hand drawn hatch mark design

      *Note the colors may vary slightly from photo due to the hand-dyed nature*

      21″ X 21″
      100% cotton
      machine wash cold, slight fading to be expected

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