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No-Toothpicks Required Specialty Gourmet Popcorn


Style | Rustic Red


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No-Toothpicks Required Specialty Gourmet Popcorn



Rustic Red

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      We are the popcorn experts for a reason, and we think you’ll agree once you try our Blue Bounty and Rustic Red varieties, as well as our fun and unique Popcob. A snacking experience unlike others, our hull-less, colorful popcorn has a quality second-to-none, with a richer taste than standard yellow or white types. The thinner hull helps keep your teeth clean, making your eating experience more enjoyable and giving you all the confidence in the world for those selfies and family photos.

      Blue Bounty - This popcorn is crispy, nutty, and, of course, hull-less. 

      Rustic Red - This popcorn has a distinctly bold, naturally salty taste, making it an ideal, simply healthy treat. Like all of our popcorn, this variety is hull-less, but Rustic Red is also particularly tender and perfect for movie night or for enjoying while watching the kids play in their big game.

      PopCob -  Uniquely, it features our tasty Rustic Red popcorn on the ear, so you get a novel experience in preparing your popcorn while enjoying this variety’s characteristically tender texture and naturally salty flavor. Even better, popping on the cob actually adds a unique flavor over conventional air-popping. The Popcob includes a microwavable bag, so cooking it with kids becomes an exciting occasion! And yes, it’s really fun for adults too. This product is microwave ready.

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